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The global challenge

Globally speaking, there is a constantly growing similarity in the quality of technical service standards. As a result, overriding criteria such as learning capacity, adaptability, management culture, image, client and cost orientation, and innovative tempo are of increasing significance on the way to gaining a lasting competitive edge with a significant share of the market.

This leveling out of products and technologies forces all suppliers to provide differentiation in other business sectors and services.

On the one hand, the markets of the European Union make up one of the most powerfully competitive and dynamic regions in the world, with increasingly high standard requirements in relation to goods and services. On the other hand, the European market is characterized by a high degree of competence among clients in making differentiating decisions as to which product constitutes the best possible value. It is imperative on all Asian suppliers that they appreciate Europe as the largest coherent market in the world when entering it with their new products and sales and marketing strategies (think europe).